About Me


Trianna Raefski, IPPA CPES

To begin and to state simply, I have a passion for all things natural; from my practice as a yoga instructor to the way my family lives. I have two very energetic boys, and a lovely little girl that keeps us all on our toes. 


When I found out that I was pregnant the first time; I was completely elated! I went out and purchased all the books from baby names to what to expect. I focused on diet and exercise with the goal of a natural birthing experience. However, after the birth of my son, I began to experience first hand the infamous baby blues as my postpartum period carried out. Furthermore, I believe this had a direct influence on how I viewed and felt with my postpartum. 


When I became pregnant for the second time, once again I was elated, but this time I knew I had to do some things differently. I had to prepare for the unexpected, especially how to overcome the baby blues I experienced the first time.

After much research, I found my answer…placentophagy (consuming my placenta). I could not believe the numerous benefits (more on that can be found in the placenta benefits and FAQ page under placentophagy research).  In addition, I knew I had to allow myself the opportunity to experience a wonderful postpartum experience, regardless of the birth outcome.

The difference after taking my placenta capsules with my second and third babyer was beyond what I had expected. I felt calmer after my birth, my recuperation time was shorter, my milk supply was higher. And my energy levels were much, even though I was running after other little ones,  and I had a newborn. 

As a result of my experience, I now feel incredibly fortunate to be able assist growing families to adjust during this amazing new chapter in their lives! 


Little things I really enjoy; 


- Learning about Birth Stories 

- Continue learning about Placenta Benefits

- Helping women learn more about Placentas 

- Unexpected friendships over coffee

- Cappuccinos or anything frappe 

- Getting lost between aisles at the library 

- Overcast mornings

- Yoga

- Hiking

- Exploring towns, cities and museums

- A little bubbly 

- Music that you connect with 

- Lore Podcast